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Collaboration is simple with Yealink's T5 series

NEW! Corded-cordless feature for the T5 series.


With the support of up to four DECT handsets per DD10K DECT dongle, it offers an all-in-one DECT solution for small offices and retail stores.

Scenario 1:
In a retail store or warehouse environment, a group of five staff members can share one phone system. One employee with a fixed workstation can use the T5 desk phone, while the other four who often have the need for mobility can use the DECT handsets.

Yealink’s T5 series offers the ability to:
Work with four handsets after attachment of the DD10K to the desk phone—with no cables required, it’s a simple and easy solution for a small office
Register each desk phone and handset with a unique SIP account 
 A DD10K dongle lowers costs with four handsets—eliminating the need to purchase four desk phones and network cables

Scenario 2:
The executive or manager with a personal office who prefers to use a speakerphone feature in the office and a handset for mobility.

Yealink’s T5 series in clone mode offers the ability to:
Use one T5 phone and one DECT handset on the same SIP account
Have the two devices ring at the same time when receiving incoming calls 
Seamlessly and automatically switch a call from the DECT handset to the T5 handset

Yealink T5 Series

Yealink's T5 series is packed with the features needed in today's high-tech business environment. 
  • Pristine sound via HD voice with Yealink acoustic-shield technology
  • Clear conversations with Yealink noise-proof technology*
  • Great visibility with adjustable, hi-res, back-lit display
  • Complete connectivity with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi*
  • Plenty of flexibility with USB ports, PLUS expansion modules and 720p HD-video capabilities
Choose the phone that best meets your customer's needs: 




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