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2014 Q1 Trip

The Q1 Beyond Expectations winners enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the riverfront resort of Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. A great time was had by all!

"Everything about the trip was perfect. I also wanted to thank you, from Ideacom Midwest, for all that ScanSource has done to help us. My hope is that, by the end of the year, our performance will be Beyond your Expectations!"
Bill McCormick, Ideacom Midwest

Q1 Trip Winners

  • Barry Communications, Ideacom Midwest, Infiniti Communications, and Layer 3 Communications

Q1 MDF Winners

  • CalNet Technology Group, Converge Data, Hi-Tech System Service, and Starnet Data Design

2014 Q2 Trip

The Q2 Beyond Expectations winners enjoyed a beautiful, fun-filled trip to the Chatham Bars Inn in Massachusetts.

"I was absolutely blown away by the Beyond Expectations trip! From the moment we left to the time we arrived back home, we were treated with kindness and enthusiasm by some of the nicest people that I feel privileged to have met. ScanSource took great care in seeing to it that our trip was absolutely amazing! The resort was five stars. From the service to the food, accommodations, and activities, it was fabulous! We went whale watching and shopping, had some great conversations, and topped it off with some fantastic seafood. All-in-all, it was a great experience! You know how to treat your partners....well done!"

Scott Sego, BD Managed Services

Q2 Trip Winners

  • General Communications, West Tech (WTSC), BD Managed Services, and Network Voice and Data

Q2 MDF Winners

  • Harbor Networks, BCS, BTI, and Sensus

2014 Q3 Trip

The Q3 Beyond Expectations winners had a spectacular time at the majestic and luxurious Hotel del Coronado in California.

"The Beyond Expectations event was just that - beyond our wildest expectations. The event was first class in every way, and the ScanSource team was phenomenal. ScanSource truly makes you feel appreciated as a customer, through this event and all interactions I have had with them. If you get the opportunity to go on a Beyond Expectations trip, you would be a fool to pass up great fun, great people, and great destinations. Love working with ScanSource."

Kyle Holmes, matrix NETWORKS

Q3 Trip Winners

  • InHouse IT, Matrix Networks, Genesis Telecom, and Communications Engineering

Q3 MDF Winners

  • West Tech, Discovery Tech, CIO Solutions, and CSG Global

2014 Q4 Trip

The Q4 Beyond Expectations winners enjoyed an extravagant and adventurous trip at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Utah.

"The Beyond Expectations trip to Deer Valley was an all-around amazing experience! It was hosted by a great group from ShoreTel and ScanSource and we formed some great new relationships with the other three partners that attended the trip. The trip was an excellent representation of the top tier services that ScanSource provides to their customers."

Brandon Bissinger, Electrical Sales Corporation

Q4 Trip Winners

  • NascentHub, Clear Choice, Affiliated Communications, and Electrical Sales

Q4 MDF Winners

  • Altitude, Telecom, C.D.S., and Verticall