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Gabby Giles

Improve your Cisco Practice in the New Year!

2019 should be a great year for your Cisco practice. We saw exciting updates and announcements from Cisco in 2018 and we’re pleased to have a team of experts poised to help you put those innovations to work for you and your customer base. One of the most effective ways to begin or strengthen your collaboration, networking or security practice is with hands-on training from the ScanSource team.  We offer three programs taught by industry leaders that are designed to help you capitalize on market opportunity and drive business outcomes.

Each of the programs has sessions scheduled into 2019, so register now and resolve to accelerate your practice in the New Year! Learn more about Evolve, Connect and Vault now.


Evolve your UC practice to capitalize on market opportunity and drive business outcomes. Get on the FASTPATH to drive the change! ScanSource understands that resellers need a trusted advisor and subject-matter expert to help guide them through tools, resources, and channel opportunities—and has developed the Evolve program to meet those needs. Evolve is a comprehensive, Cisco collaboration-enablement program designed to help new Cisco partners through the onboarding process—and existing Cisco partners to accelerate their collaboration practice to a higher level of profitability.


More than 26 billion—that's the number of network devices that will be connected by 2020. Wi-Fi speeds will exceed 24Mbps per device. How do you take advantage of this opportunity and give your customers the solutions they will be looking for? Connect, powered by FASTPATH, is your answer to navigating and positioning all of the Cisco networking and wireless solutions available. Connect is a comprehensive enablement program that will work with you to determine how to build or accelerate your networking practice, to drive business outcomes to a higher level of profitability. We believe that the network should go beyond a typical infrastructure. Get ready to take your networking practice to the next level faster than ever before!


Why security? Because if your customers are not on top of it, attackers will be. Don't let security risks affect your customer's revenue stream; get on the FASTPATH to selling Cisco security solutions! We've partnered with Cisco to create Vault, a Cisco security training program for partners who want to start or accelerate their Cisco security practice. Secure the solutions you're already selling. Success within your Cisco security practice starts with Vault.